Coventry City FC is dedicated to bringing sports fans in the UK up to date on all the latest news around sports equipment and more. As sport in the UK is one of the most popular means of entertainment and hobbies, it has become more of a culture with a lot of passion for its leagues and teams.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment can be bought from various shops online in the UK. Choosing which equipment to buy can sometimes become a challenge due to all the different brands available. We provide vital information on which equipment to consider buying and how to take care of some of the most common sports equipment products to make them last.

Football Tickets

Football Tickets are some of the most difficult match tickets to buy in the UK. Especially from larger leagues, as the tickets can sell out quickly. The difficulties in getting tickets raise the popularity of buying from second market sellers online. Most of the reselling online shops provide reliable and trustworthy services, but some do not.

We provide information on some of the most popular online shops to buy football match tickets from.

Training Kits

Fans all over the UK use training kits for many different reasons. Some players buy the kits specifically for training and playing purposes where some fans collect the kits from each season to show their love and support for their favourite teams.

By visiting Coventry City FC Magazine frequently, you can stay up to date on all the latest sports equipment, where to buy football match tickets, and the latest training kits released from all the popular teams in the UK.