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The Popularity of Online Sports Betting

Over recent years, the online gambling industry has grown to an extent to where it has taken over the majority of the gambling market in the UK. Since the legalisation in 2003, fans of sports have been eagerly shopping around for sportsbooks to bet on their favourite sports.

Some online casinos have also been incorporating sportsbooks onto their sites (see 32Red Casino review) and have become one of the major online gambling methods.

The UK alone has seen almost a 20% increase in profits every year since the legalisation of online gambling. Looking at the time frame between 2019 and 2020, the online sports betting market has seen an increase of almost 53%.

Since the popularity started, things have not calmed down and are still growing at a vast rate. Online betting boasts many features which are unique to the online method of betting. No matter where the players are, they can just go online and place their bets after doing the necessary research into which teams have been playing at the top of their game.

This also means no cash is needed as a simple electronic payment can take care of everything. Winning will then also be paid into the player’s bank account making the whole experience much easier than the traditional way of betting.

The increase in popularity can also be seen as being due to the Covid 19 lockdown keeping players away from ground-based casinos and this causing a spike in the popularity of online gambling.

No need to go to physical games or championships as most sports fans already have smartphones, tablets, and computers to use for any online gambling. This makes everything a lot easier just like online shops where fans can buy their sports equipment and tickets.

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