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Top 3 Football-Themed Online Slot Games

Football is the UK’s biggest and most popular sport. The sport garners more fans each year and gains popularity with specific players and teams in the spotlight for fans to see all their latest signature equipment and kits. Due to the popularity of football in the UK, many online casinos offer football-themed online casino games.

You can play sports-themed online casino games with the Karamba slots offer.


This slot game is a popular game among football fans. It features 4 rows, 4 reels, and 16 paylines with symbols resembling certain elements of the sport. Some of the images shown on the reels include soccer balls and the winning gold cup. Another great feature is that if the player hits 3 or 4 cups during 10 free spins they will receive another 10 free.

Ultimate Dream Team

Fans of football frequently discuss how great it would be to put together a football team consisting of their favourite players. Ultimate Dream Team slot game is all about making that fantasy come true with a slot game. The game has 25 pay lines, 3 rows, and 5 reels. Some of the symbols on the game includes a football manager, a ball, and a football kit.

Soccer Championship

Although this slot game is a bit more basic than the other games on the list it provides a classic feel for all football fans. The slot features 3 reels, 1 pay line, and 3 rows. The slot game features symbols of the golden cup and a team emblem on a football shirt. Getting 3 cup symbols can provide a winning of 5 000 coins.

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