Training Kits

The Best-Selling Football Training Kits on the Market

Football training kits are becoming more popular with fans and sales are increasing with sponsors demanding more variety of jerseys to be worn throughout each season. This article provides an overview of some of the best-selling football kits in the UK for the 2021 and 2022 seasons.

Chelsea Kit – Nike

The new blue and yellow kit from Chelsea is constructed from 100% recycled polyester which comes from plastic bottles. The kit is vibrant and represents energy and vibrancy. It’s brighter in colour than previously providing a completely different look from the past releases.

CFC is knitted into the back with bright yellow colour with the same print on the shirt continuing onto the shorts. The kit is completed with white socks which has trims of yellow and blue.

Liverpool Kit – Nike

The new Liverpool kit has taken inspiration from the 1964 season kits with a bright red colourway. The use of the red colour in the 1964 kits was the first time the team used the colour. The use of the colour was due to wanting to achieve a psychological edge.

The women’s and men’s kits are all designed with the same colour and look and are detailed with bolted pinstripes and bright crimson sleeves. The neckline also provides a bright crimson trim.

Manchester City – Puma

Manchester City’s new Puma home kit was inspired by the legendary 93.20 goals which took place during the 2011-2012 season which was one of the greatest moments in the Premier League and the club’s iconic team history.

The kit provides a sky-blue colour with a digital clock presenting 93.20 throughout to celebrate the last-minute strike of the season.

Manchester United – Adidas

The New Manchester United Adidas kit features TeamViewer as the front with Kohler Sleeve sponsor. The design of the new kit is completely different from before with an extremely clean look. The only noticeable different aspect to the design is the white stripes which feature on the sleeves.

Fans have always been dedicated to wearing kits and jerseys of their favourite teams to display their love for the teams and players during leagues and matches. Wearing the specific kits for each season provides a great way to take part in the spirit of football.